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This year DLAT will have 4 Hands-on / Workshop courses to choose from at the 2018 DLAT Southwest Conference & Expo

Two of the Hand-on courses will be 7-8 hours long of intense specific training These have a $250 extra fee

Two of the hands-on courses will be free and will be only 2 hours long.


Ceramics Hands-on Course

Systemized cutback and layering for anteriors.
Step Bay, CDT, DTG

In this 7 hour hands on course, course attendees will learn how to pick and choose the right cutback style for any anterior variation and use the right colors for ceramic layering.

Step ToothMaster Bay, started his own laboratory, CDI Science, in 2009 specializing in Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Restorations. He has fabricated thousands of life like restorations for some of the pickiest, influential Dentists in the country. As a lifetime advocate of education and learning the latest technology and techniques, Step continues to travel around the world. As an educator to both Dentists and Laboratory Technicians, Step ToothMaster Bay, CDT, DTG hosts courses in his own laboratory and speaks internationally as a Key opinion leader for several companies including GC America.

When you sign up you should receive in the mail model work for pressed or milled anterior to practice cutbacks during the hands-on. If you have not received these contact Director Robert Jones at

You will need to bring instruments for building porcelain and doing cutbacks on the models provided.

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

8:00am - 5:30 pm

Fee: $250

Denture Hands-on Course

Denture Waxing: More than Festooning
Thomas R. Zaleske

In order to get the best result while contouring a wax denture base, it is important to not only understand how contour relates to tooth emergence and root position, but also depends on the correct technique, instruments and materials to accomplish the task.
Creating an imitation of nature is the goal, but providing a wax-up that projects nature which also balances being cleansable and provides natural support is the real art.

This presentation will explain/demonstrate thru hands on and Powerpoint my take on:

  • The instruments best suited for the tasks, and how to implement them.
  • Wax manipulation.
  • Simple colorization of wax to portray value.
  • How wax selections effect overall carving.
  • Tooth position and imitating contour.
  • Contouring is about more than around teeth.
  • Being natural vs. being cleansable.
  • Tooth shape modification.

Thomas Zaleske provides technical customer support and consulting services to several dental manufacturers, has been the Benchtop Editor for Dental Products Magazine and is the owner/technician of Matrix Dental Laboratory and Consulting 32 years. Located in the Chicago/ NW Indiana corridor. Tom was also presented the 2017 NADL Excellence in Education Award.

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

8:00am - 5:30 pm

Fee: $250

Course Particulars:
For the workshop, attendees should bring a preset but unfinished upper 1x14 maxillary, and 1X14 mandibular set-up, not necessarily articulated, favorite wax carving tools, wax of their preference, and a portable light. The goal is to have attendees not only learn the techniques that make a more successful wax-up/case in regard to where and how to place wax and obtain supportive, esthetic and cleansable contours, which adds value for not only conventional but implant retained and supported prosthetics.


Shade-Taking Hands-on Course

Mobile Digital Shade Communication
Jim Emmons CDT, FNBC

Learn how the Life Essence Mobile shade communication can quickly & accurately (97% successful results) enhance your working relationship with your clients with difficult shading cases. The course is a combination slide and hands-on (your option) use of the Life Essence Mobile Shade analysis - each participant will work with the Mobile shade analysis on their Tablet or laptop computer. If you choose to participate please register at for the free trial or you may register your free trial at the beginning of the class.
We will also show custom shading and glazing in ONE firing for monolithic & milled restoration

Jim Graduated from Earhart University (dental technology ) after working in a private practice for 4 years, he opened J.D. Emmons Ceramic Studio, Inc 1966 . in 1982 opened Spectrafire Dental products, accumulating 7 US patents and developing over 70 products for ceramics , his latest system is the Mobil digital shade communication system & companion Bio-Luminescent stain system. Plus the Glaze-it spray glaze and Scans-it Cad scan spray products..

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

2:00pm - 4:00 pm

Fee: Free (Included in your Registration)

Course Particulars:

There will be a hands-on segment during the 2-hour breakout class designed for anyone that actually wants to use their smartphone (with accompanying Spectrafire app) for shade-taking. This new shading software by is being well received by the dentist and are using the presentation video as a patient education tool. They are as interested as much in the practice building as the ease of shade communication
People interested in participating in the hands-on portion of the class need to pre-register as free trial members at to save time when they get to the class. You do not have to pre-register, you can sign up for the free trial membership at the time of the class but pre-registrants will have priority if the class gets busy.

Orthodontic Hands-on Course

Colored Acrylics and Appliance Designs Made Easy
Priscilla Mier

View the fabrication of acrylic retainer palates using endless colors to make easy and ‘one pour’ artistic designs. Watch and learn how to use the acrylics as an artist uses paint to create pictures in orthodontic retainers and appliances. Work with the acrylic without fear of messing anything up. Get to play and experiment with the acrylic like never before. Use tools and gather tricks as to how this all works.

Priscilla’s background includes owning and operating a very profitable and high volume laboratory in Southern California, and another lab in Nevada with combined 38 plus years experience. Priscilla started formulating and coloring acrylics to create better products for use in her laboratory; thus JBC and Company, the supply company was born. Priscilla continues to run JBC and Company, and annually works with the DLAT to expand their orthodontic laboratory program to all orthodontic technicians and orthodontic lab owners throughout Texas and the US.

Friday, April 7th, 2018

1:30pm - 3:30 pm

Fee: Free (Included in your Registration)


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