2019 DLAT Conference Keynote Speaker: Peter Pizzi, MDT, CDT

Peter Pizzi, MDT, CDT

Keynote: Artistry, Technology: The Technician Evolution

We are at an exciting time where artistry, technology, products and processes are shaping our industry. In today evolving market place the importance of utilizing technology is paramount to our success. Yet the loss of the artistic process has hurt the dental market. Our goals for the future of the dental health industry is to provide esthetic, functional restorative options to support the physical and financial need of our patients. The Technicians role is much more demanding today as we must have an understanding of each of the materials options, the technologies that can help us and a clear understanding of the diagnostic communication process to aid our dental partners in the future of our patients success. As the clinical side of dentistry continues to evolve, we to must grow and be able to create products for a broad spectrum of our patients. Understanding the diagnostic options and being able to select materials based on our comfort levels will be critical. Although creativity will always be our strength, how we get there must evolve. Combining our talents for producing the highest quality from traditional methods of fabricating restorations with the best digital technologies available on the market can be an unbeatable combination for satisfying your dentist clients.

Speaker Bio:

Peter Pizzi, CDT, MDT, FNGS
As an educator of dental technology and operatory procedures Peter has found an easy transition into the lecture/clinician circuit. His personal appreciation and expertise on all phases of crown and bridge, porcelain, implantology, muscle function, mandibular physiology, ceramics and photography have made him a source of knowledge and motivation for his peers to draw from. Peter lectures nationally and internationally to both technicians and dentists on proven ways to improve communication and collaboration to deliver more predictable and successful outcomes for the patient. He has been a technician since 1984 and operates Pizzi Dental Studio Inc. in New York. He is a member of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry as well as a graduate, recognized specialist and mentor of The Kois Center for Dental Excellence. He holds numerous executive board and faculty positions as well as serves as co-editor-in-chief of Inside Dental Technology. He continually studies with some of the world’s top speakers and clinicians.

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