2019 DLAT Conference Speaker! Jim Emmons

Jim Emmons,CDT,FNBC

CEO Spectrafire /JSE Dental Mfg. LLC

Course Title:

Trouble Shooting Aesthetic Ceramics / Smartphone Shade communication

Learn to start the cases with more usable shade communication info. Plus learn the why & how to manipulate shade adjustments, and easily change anterior axial appearances. Optimize layering bonding and reduce working time by 45 minutes on each case.


  • Simplify custom shade communication
  • tips on anterior aesthetic contouring
  • repairing & adding to Yz frames 
  • what you can do when the fired
  • sintered shade is too dark


Jim is a master ceramist with over 5 decades of cosmetic ceramic experience. He has developed aesthetic ceramic techniques and porcelain layering and Bio-Luminescent stain shading systems. The latest development is a Smartphone shade communication system that enables ceramist to achieve 97% shade matching while never having to see the patient. In addition to having a small cosmetic ceramic laboratory, Jim teaches classes on all levels of porcelain techniques from basic to advanced shading and contouring techniques.
Sponsored by: Spectrafire /JSE Dental Mfg. LLC

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