2022 DLAT Conference Keynote Speaker: Peter Pizzi

The DLAT Program Committee is pleased to announce Peter Pizzi as the Keynote Speaker at the 2022 DLAT Southwest Conference & Expo.

Peter Pizzi

The Conference is taking place April 1-2nd, 2022 at the Dallas / Fort Worth Airport Marriott, Irving, Tx.

Peter Pizzi will be speaking on:

Your Future by Design. Artistry, Technology and Our Evolution

Course Description:

What will separate us more then ever before in the years to come will be our
Artistic level and ability to understand the clinical/Technical side of dentistry. This Lecture will focus on the “Team Concept” of restorative dentistry, the importance of working with the patient and the importance of the dental teams ability to effectively control the esthetic outcome.

Under the best of circumstances the transfer of information between the dentist and technician for the fabrication of restorations is difficult and challenging. Our educated patients and the advancement of materials has created a need for us to didactically move through the diagnostic process including biomechanical, functionally, periodontal and esthetically. This program will present a rational methodology to help eliminate the frustrations often encountered during this endeavor and discuss the future relationship that will prevail in the years to come.
With the advent of newer technologies such as photographic, video and cad-cam, our role in the communication process will be a value to the dental community. The importance of the diagnostic phase and out ability to digitally alter during the planning base on the biological understanding is a must for the future clinical/technical team.

A little more about the speaker:
As a dental educator for several years peter has found an easy transition into the lecture/clinician circuit. His personal appreciation and expertise on all phases of Clinical /Laboratory techniques including Crown and bridge, Ceramics, Implantology, muscle function, Color communication, Digital Photography and mandibular physiology have made him a source of knowledge and motivation for his peers. Peter’s unique lecture ability and communication skills create a great learning environment.

 An owner and manager of Pizzi Dental Studio Inc.
 Board member of ASMDT (Association of Master Dental Technicians)
 Teacher and educator in Master Dental technician program (New York University)
 Member of the AAED (American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry)
 Fellow of the NGS (Northeastern Gnathalogical Society)
 Editor in Chief, [Inside Dental Technology]
 Executive Board Member of the NGS
 Faculty at NYU School of Dentistry
 ACP Technician of the year 2018

Peter has lectured to doctors and technicians throughout the United States, Europe and Asia on several different topics. He also continually studies with some of the world’s top speakers and clinicians.

Peter Pizzi is sponsored by: VITA

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