2024 DLAT /ORG Live Recording

Welcome to the 2024 DLAT/ ORG Live recording registration page.

What is a Live recording?

Well, it is just like a live stream but it gets posted a few hours to a few days later than when it was recorded live.

Why don’t we just livestream?

Well, “Live streaming” adds a lot of complexity, stress, and cost. We thought we could remove the streaming part of the situation and the cost we save we can pass those savings on to you.

We also noticed that many of our registered streamers watched it later when they were turned into recordings anyway.

So if you would like to get all your CE credits you need in one place, you found it! Want to learn more about the courses we will be recording? Click the button below to go to the conference agenda. Hint: Use the track filter to the right of the schedule to find the “Live Recording” courses.

Over 15+ Hours of NBC Certified CE credits to choose from!

1hr Regulatory / 7hrs Scidentific /7.5hrs Professional Development

Want $100 off your registration?

As a DLAT member, you get $100 off each registration! Don’t see the discount? Ensure you are logged into your DLAT member account using the link in the upper right corner of this page!


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