Announcing the new Conference Administrator

larry-mercadelDLAT is pleased to announce Larry Mercadel Sr. CDT as DLAT’s new Conference Administrator.
His job is to be a point of contact for all things regarding the annual conference DLAT hosts each year.
His duties will included working with the exhibitors and sponsors of the conference, working with contracts and executing the wishes of the DLAT board of Directors and Conference Committees. In general, he will attempt to eliminate confusion and smooth negotiations for all entities involved with putting on a Conference each year.
We are looking forward to working with Larry and exploring and refining this newly created position. Mr. Mercadel has shown great enthusiasm to get started!

Exhibitors you may contact Larry with questions at:

Learn more about Larry Mercadel Sr.:
Born the son of Mr Warren & Mrs Doris Mercadel Sr in New Orleans, La. Another great day in America!

Graduated on time from George Washington Carver Senior High School, Class of 1968. “G.W. Carver Rams for ever!”

Joined the U.S. Air Force December ‘68 and retired on Jan 1, ‘89 as a Master Sgt after 20 years and four days. Goal oriented! Initially trained in Aircraft Maintenance. Recipient of multiple medals, ribbons and pins during Air Force career and Aircraft Maintenance Specialists in Vietnam (1970-’71) 18th Special Operations Squad; 119 Gunship nicknamed Stinger; motto – Vengeance by Night. Awarded Honorable Service Medals to our country, USA upon retirement.

Returned from Vietnam to Randolph Air Force Base and retrained (Cross-trained) from Aircraft maintenance to Dental Laboratory Technician in 1973 while still in military. Applied for and was accepted as Air Force Dental Laboratory Instructor in 1980. In three years of teaching I earned an Air Force Dental Laboratory Master Instructor Certificate for all phases of dental laboratory disciplines. Instructor for Complete Dentures, Removable Partial Dentures, Fixed Crown & Bridge All Metal, Fixed Crown & Bridge Porcelain and Specialized Prostheses that included Minor Orthodontics.

Married to Carrie in Oct 1972 and still counting! Became parents of son & daughter. Now grandparents to one grandson and one granddaughter.

After retiring (1989) from US Air Force, Bergstrom Air Force Base, Austin, Texas we decided to stay in Austin,Texas. I went to work with Dr William Kaylakie, Prosthodontist as an In-Office Dental Lab Tech / Dental Lab Manager in December 1988 until December 2014. Second retirement. We were an awesome team and one of the first Prosthodontic Dental Practices with an in-office Dental Lab and Certified Dental Lab Tech (me). We fabricated all types of oral prosthesis with a specialty for Advanced Restorative Dentistry to include Implants, Custom Digital Designed Prostheses and TMJ Treatment devices. In about 4 years Dr Kaylakie and I became know as the Dental Office taking-on the more difficult cases. We also did case consultations with other Dentists and Dental Lab Techs.

As a former dental lab instructor I worked with Mr Roosevelt Davis from the Dental Lab School in San Antonio to have students do their internship in our office/dental lab. Our purpose was to give Students opportunity to apply their training with hands-on real world dental cases.

I’m a Certified Dental Lab Tech in Complete Dentures since 1992. I proudly promote myself as an All-Around-Dental Laboratory Technician fabricating all types of prostheses for dental patient cases as needed! It was about this time (1992) that I was invited by Lester Eisenbeck to attend Dental Laboratory Association of Texas (DLAT) conference meet. I was in “awe” of the amount of quality Technicians, information, education, demos and hands-on training that was given by renowned technicians of our industry. Also the opportunity to network with who’s who in dentistry. So I joined DLAT, immediately became an active member and have been coming to DLAT Conference Meetings every year. Began to volunteer as helper, Class Captain, photographer and whatever. About 2007 was nominated and elected as Treasurer of the DLAT Board. During this time I was integral Legislative Committee member during amendment of the Texas Health & Safety Code to exempt Dental Laboratories from licensing requirement under the Texas Department of State Health Services. Five years on the board then elected 2012 President of DLAT. Still an active member to date!

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