Cadmus Dental to send trailer of goods to Disaster area

Scott Parsinen of Cadmus Dental will be taking a 6×10 trailer of supplies and goods to the Red Cross in the Houston area. He will be leaving Tuesday, September 5th, after labor day. This date will also depend on the water recession and road conditions.

As Scott states:

 We have a 6′ x 10′ trailer we will be taking down next Tuesday pending the road situation which is looking worse and worse based on recent news of levees and dams breaking like we saw in Katrina.
Please text me or email anytime and let me know how/where I can meet up with folks who want to contribute items.
My PayPal account is if you would rather donate money. I will provide accounting of funds/donations and of course updates/pics via Facebook on how the money is spent.
As far as items that are needed Scott said:
 It seems that many people who  escaped their homes left without shoes unbelievably. So I am being told that this is still a great need for basic shoes like sneakers and flip-flops in various sizes for men and women.
I think locally they have a good handle on clothes. Any clothes we have will be taken to the shelters.
The common needs I’m seeing from all agencies is:
  • baby formula
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • toiletries
  • feminine hygiene products.
I would think in the dental community we can come up with many toiletries especially toothbrushes and toothpaste.
We have plenty of water and have communities just outside the area that have plenty of donated water which is great.
If there are any labs that have family and or friends who need help please just let us know what communities they are in and we will do our best to get there the day after Labor Day pending the recession of some water.
Thank you for getting the word out and may God bless all those who are affected and all of our friends and family in the dental lab community.
If you would like to help:
You may ship goods and supplies to:
7805 Quiet Waters Drive, Arlington, TX, 76016
You can personally drop off goods and supplies at:
513 S Mesquite St., Arlington, TX, 76010
If you cannot make a drop off by this Friday Scott said not to worry they will make another trip and will also be helping out evacuees that come to DFW shelters.
If you would like to get in contact with Scott you can call or text: 817-683-0663
If you would like to donate money to Scott to help with his expenses in this endeavor he has a PayPal account and his account name is:
Please consider helping out Scott of Cadmus Dental any way you can as he prepares to go into the thick of it. Please keep Scott and his team in your thoughts and prayers during their travels and of course all those affected by this disaster.
–DLAT team

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