Check out this Highlight video from the 2018 Conference Live Stream!

Register for the 2019 DLAT Southwest Conference Live Stream!

Friday, April 5th 2019

Starting at 8:00 am

5 Reasons to register for the 2019 Live Stream:

  • Too much work in the lab, I CAN’T LEAVE FRIDAY!
  • I Live too far away (Texas IS pretty BIG!)
  • Doctor called, They have a rush…Patient is leaving the country on Saturday!
  • I can only come to the conference on Saturday but still need my hours from Friday
  • Those Attendees and Exhibitors have a little TOO much fun at the Conference for my taste!

New feature: As you are signing up for the Live Stream you can add a registration for Saturday’s conference or Peter Pizzi’s 8-hour Hands on Demonstration to your ticket. Live Stream Friday while your working at the bench then come to the conference on Saturday!

2019 Live Streaming Speaker Line-up:

Want to come to the Conference in Person and Experince all the fun?

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