DLAT 2020 Conference: Small Steps, Big Success!

It has been over a week since the 2020 DLAT Southwest convention & Expo ended. We could not be more pleased! We want to thank all the Attendees, Exhibitors, and Speakers for their patience and flexibility!

As you may recall we were originally scheduled for March of this year, but as the Pandemic spread across the nation the DLAT Board of Directors decided to reschedule to a later date in October. There were many times we debated canceling the October event too, but we got so much positive feedback from both attendees and exhibitors for an in-person event we felt confident in moving forward! Plus with the added Live streaming of all the courses, we felt that we could still reach those that could not make it to an in-person event.

We were very lucky to work with a great hotel, Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center, that allowed us to make many changes without penalty and worked tirelessly to make sure we had a great convention. PSAV was also a great company to work with to make sure that we were setup for the speakers and make sure we had the ability to live stream out to those that were not able to make it in person due to sickness or distance. Freeman, the exhibit hall contractor, stayed on top of everything as we moved a whole exhibit hall floor to a different ballroom just weeks before the conference start!

We believe the DLAT Board made the difficult but correct decisions in going forward with the first, Post-COVID, Hybrid Dental Lab Conference of the year. Hopefully, is a small step back to normalcy (whatever that is going to be) for the whole industry!

Our Stats:

In-Person Attendees: 103

Online Attendees: ~64

Exhibitor Reps: 42

In-person Speakers: 4

Virtual Speakers: 4

Big Thank you to all those Exhibitors that came!

Those that could not make it we missed you and cant wait to see yall next year!

Some Pictures from the Conference

Have some great pics from the conference? Email them to meetings@dlat.org an I will post them here.

Save The Date!

March 26-27th, 2021

2021 DLAT Southwest Conference & Expo “Managing the New Normal”

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