DLAT is Proud of its Milestone Pin Recipients! To be Honored at the Conference Awards Luncheon

Congratulations to the Texas CDT Milestones!


DLAT would like to recognize all the Texas CDT who will be achieving their respective 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50-year milestones this year.

You do the Texas Dental Lab Industry proud!

Awards Luncheon, Saturday, April 7th, 12:30-2:00 pm

DLAT will be hosting their Annual Awards Luncheon in honor of these Texas CDT Milestones and presenting Milestone pins to all who are present Saturday, April 7th 12:00-2 pm in the International Ballroom At the Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center. This awards luncheon is in conjunction with the 2018 DLAT Southwest Conference. All registered attendees to the conference will attend the Awards Luncheon for free, if they would like to bring a Guest/Spouse there are Luncheon tickets available for $55. If you would like to come just to the Awards Luncheon and not the Convention all you have to do is purchase a "Bring Guest to Awards Luncheon" for yourself. You can Register for the conference and/or purchase luncheon tickets on the Registration Page

One Hour of Professional Development CE will be awarded to all those that attend

2018 CDT Milestones

These CDTs have shown dedication to the industry and the NBC standards for 25+ years.



25 Years

Mr. Luis Baca III CDT
Mr. Jose Barrera CDT
Mr. Joseph Breaux, Master CDT
Dr. Mark Cecconi CDT
Mr. Rack Choi CDT
Mr. Jesus Colunga CDT
Mr. Paul Contreras CDT
Ms. Deborah Fichter CDT
Ms. Georgette Geels CDT
Ms. Debra Hall CDT
Ms. Brandy Hauger CDT
Mr. Joe Hudgins CDT
Mr. Kevin Jeffrey CDT
Mr. Hyuk Kwon CDT
Mr. Reynaldo Martinez CDT
Mr. Mike Millican CDT
Ms. Anne Mitchell, Master CDT
Ms. Thuy Nguyen CDT
Mr. Robert Oswald CDT
Mr. Donnie Ralston CDT
Mr. J. David Ramirez CDT
Mr. Kelley Sepulvado CDT
Ms. Marlin Snider CDT
Ms. Brenda Triplett CDT
Mr. Mark Turner CDT
Mr. Juan Vazquez CDT
Ms. Debra Waldrip CDT
Ms. Cheryl Wells-Patterson CDT
Mr. Jim Wilson CDT
Mr. Robert Windsor CDT
Ms. Brenda Zapata CDT

50 Years

Mr. William Gilliland CDT
Mr. Delfino Rodriguez CDT

If you see a friend on the list be sure to share it with them!

30 Years

Ms. Donna Duelberg CDT
Ms. Colleen Foster CDT
Ms. Donna Goldman CDT
Mr. Mark Griffin CDT
Mr. Richard Guerra CDT
Mr. Craig Ledford CDT
Mr. Randell McDade CDT
Mr. Greg McKeefer CDT
Mr. James Pinto CDT
Ms. Sara Reid CDT
Mr. Stephen Spoon CDT
Mr. Richard Styne CDT
Mr. William Vochoska CDT
Ms. Wendy Wagner CDT
Mr. Edward Watson CDT
Ms. Deborah Wilkinson CDT
Ms. Sami Yared CDT
Mr. William Yocam CDT

35 Years

Mr. Rick Chambers CDT
Mr. Alan Duck CDT
Mr. James Emmons CDT, FNBC
Mr. Courtney Glover CDT
Mr. Hal Jones CDT
Ms. Jackie McEndree CDT
Mr. John Palmer CDT
Ms. Connie Powell CDT
Mr. Victor Ramirez, Master CDT, TE

40 Years

Mr. John Brown CDT
Mr. Jose Castaneda CDT
Mr. James Levesque CDT
Mr. Gerry Mariacher CDT, TE
Mr. Ray Morelock CDT
Dr. Lynn Palmer CDT

45 Years

Mr. Thurman Byles CDT
Mr. Allan Castle CDT
Mr. Roosevelt Davis, Master CDT
Mr. Danny Diebel CDT, FNBC
Mr. Richard Gamble CDT

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