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Your ad in the Dental Laboratory Association of Texas Official Program will go directly to the Decision Makers of the dental laboratories in Texas and surrounding states - the purchasers of your dental products and services. You will reach hundreds of dental laboratory owners, managers, and certified dental technicians.


  • Non-exhibitors can gain exposure to this large, multi-state Southwest group at very affordable rates.
  • Exhibitors enhance the effectiveness of their booths with program advertising.
  • All advertisers have a very cost-efficient media to reach purchasers in leading dental laboratories.
  • New products and services can be introduced.
  • Advertiser support helps DLAT produce these educational conferences, better-trained technicians are better customers.


In Texas we do Sponsorships different!  The Sponsorship levels are: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. In the past, you could make a cash donation to the Conference and receive that level. As much as that was greatly appreciated and needed, we want to put your money to a better purpose, get you more exposure to the attendees and this system rewards those exhibitors that get involved as much as they can in the conference.

For the 2020 Conference, the Sponsorship Levels will be based on how many opportunities your company takes advantage of at the conference. This will be done automatically using a simple, easy to understand points (stars☆) system. Many of you will be surprised that with your past activity with last years conference, you would have already been considered a Platinum Sponsor!

Platinum Partner

How it Works:

Each Sponsorship Opportunity is worth one star. How many stars you get determines your Sponsorship level.

Platinum Sponsor = 4 Stars ✩✩✩✩

Gold Sponsor =         3 Stars ✩✩✩

Silver Sponsor =       2 Stars ✩✩

Bronze Sponsor =    1 Star ✩

If you are already here because you bought a booth, great job you already have 1 Star (Bronze Level), unless you purchased an end cap, double booth then you already have 2 stars! (Silver Level) For each sponsorship item, you purchase below you will receive another star toward your sponsorship level and al the benefits those entail. Look closely some are worth 2 stars!

One of the benefits of your sponsorship status is exclusive access to next years exhibit hall before anyone else starting each year with Platinum Sponsors getting first access with Gold Sponsors next and so on.

Thank you for your Sponsorship!


Please be sure to only click the "Checkout" button once.


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