Exhibitor Discount Code Cards

Exhibitor Discount Codes for Attendees!

Make sure your customers are at the conference with you! DLAT is providing each of you a special discount code to give your attendees 10% off their registration at the 2020 DLAT Southwest Conference& Expo!

Each Discount code is unique to your company! This way we can track who brings in the most attendees.

There may be a prize involved 🙂

We have provided a simple discount “card” that you can print up and give to your customers. Just look for your company name below, click on your logo, then click on the discount code card, and click download.

Use these “Cards” however you like, hand out in person as you are visiting labs, use as box stuffers when you ship product to your customers, or even make your own discount card to hand out, as long as it has your company’s unique code is on it! Or, use it on any publication you put out to your customers!

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