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Pam JohnsonPam Johnson, editor in chief of IDT, Inside Dental Technology, a wonderful publication we all read, will moderate a learned and experienced panel on questions you have regarding Southwest Regional dental technology. There are many changes and they are coming fast. I am reminded of the paradigm shift of the digital watch and the Swiss watchmaking craft. The price and precision of a watch has never been the same. 
It seems technology has affected every area of our life and more precisely our livelihood. 
To make this forum meaningful to you and everyone, we ask that you prepare a question or more and post as instructed below. We will do our best to provide the most knowledgeable and experienced responses available. 
As the title suggests, and keeping with our theme of "after the fire, new growth", we hope you will be informed an challenged to grow Fields of Green in your lab businesses.  

Friday 3:45-5:30 PM, Room: Mandalay - 2hr Scientific

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