Friday Night Reception: LOL W/ DLAT!

Tommy Henshaw


Tommy Henshaw is a lifelong communicator of thoughts and ideas with a comic slant. His professional career spans years of successfully marketing products and services. Besides doing comedy in clubs in Oklahoma and Missouri, he also coaches others how to succeed and make a living, in the street.

He is a very active member and former CEO of the Tulsa Shriners Fraternity in Tulsa. He is also an accomplished auctioneer. But more often you’ll find him volunteering his services to work and host auction events for College Scholarships, Charity, Children issues and Veterans Families.

A Proud Grandson of an Oklahoma Dustbowl survivor family, Tommy takes great pride of being a Born & Bread real life Okie. Tommy doesn’t take himself too seriously. In fact, he’s the target of most of his thoughts and jabs. He has been married to his wife for over 42 years, who he calls the hub of his wheel. Together they have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren.

Tommy would rather set in a Dentist’s Chair for 3 hours than have to work 15 minutes at an office job.

Whether he’s doing a one on one presentation, in a comedy club entertaining an audience or in front of 5,000 Circus goer’s he’s excited, comfortable, fun and unpredictable.


LOL (Laugh out Loud) With DLAT 

Join us Friday night in the Austin Ranch (Just outside of the Hilton DFW Lakes Hotel) for the Comic Stylings of Tommy Henshaw! Every once in a while we need a much-needed break from the business world to enjoy a good time with fellow lab owners and technicians. Looking forward to sharing a laugh with you there!




There will be a cash bar and food stations provided by DLAT.

Presidential hospitality to follow immediately afterward.

Austin Ranch has pool tables and table tennis for you to enjoy along with comfortable seating around a fireplace to reconnect with colleagues and friends.


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