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Author: Bowles Date: November 24, 2010  Originally posted on

Today, more than 3 million businesses run Google Apps, and that number grows every day. With the popular web-based hosted solution, businesses essentially place all data and workflow in the cloud in lieu of using traditional business IT and desktop software.


In simple terms: Businesses can access their data and information anywhere, anytime with just an Internet connection. There’s no IT infrastructure to maintain since all IT applications are hosted on the Web.

And at $50 a year for the Premier version (Google Apps offers a free Standard version for up to 50 accounts), it’s a cost-effective solution for even the smallest business.

As part of Google Apps, Google offers a host of relevant tools for small businesses. We spoke with several small businesses leveraging Google Apps to find out which applications are most useful to them.

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Google Apps That Work for Small Business | NFIB.

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