This is a brief attempt to bring together the history of The Dental Laboratory Association of Texas. The errors found are only those of omission, and I apologize for that. So many of you have through the years given of your time and abilities; there is so much more that could have been included! Yet, perhaps this can serve as some reminder of our past. Even more, may it propel us forward as we move into the future.

There are so many who helped – George Knudson did much of the beginning research, Dub Laney, Jack Diddie, Hal Johnson, and many others gave of their time. We owe each of them a big thank you.

Elaine Cummins



The 2004 update was to celebrate the Association’s 60th Anniversary. The vast majority of this history is a word-for-word reproduction of the history as published in 1984. It has been edited only to include new information since then. You will find interesting events that shaped an industry group into the viable Association it is today!

Milton C. Pokladnik, CDT, ret.


DLAT History

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