Hurricane Harvey Message Boards

As the rebuilding process of Dental labs in the Hurricane affected areas continues and will continue we would like to provide a place where requests and offers for help from fellow Dental Labs can be linked together in one place. Many of these request have been made on the DLAT Facebook group and Page. But many people do not have facebook. We will try and post all requests and offers of help in one place: The Hurricane Harvey Message Boards

Please use this forum to post updates about lab affected by Hurricane Harvey. This might produce threads that are easier to follow than facebook. Plus not all people use facebook, but most all can use this website if they can get the internet on their smart phone.

Topic categories to post:

  • Post updates and progress of Dental Labs affected by Hurricane Harvey
  • Dental labs with requests for help
  • Dental Labs offers to help
  • Dental Technicians needing temporary work
  • Job offers for dislocated Dental Technicians
  • Equipment needed
  • Equipment offered
  • Coordination of any relief effort
  • Any other topic deemed important for the speedy recovery process



  1. Patricia Schmidt
    September 25, 2017

    We closed our dental laboratory July 31 to retire. (Central Texas). We have equipment and supplies available. Not looking for anything for the equipment, supplies — make a reasonable discounted offer. Near future all will be disposed of. Crown and bridge. Contact Patricia Schmidt @ 903-644-6683. Offer only available to labs effected by hurricane.

  2. Remington
    January 16, 2019


    If there is anyone who needs assistance on the Hurricane Harvey application… please come into the office:

    * Southwest Housing Resource Center

    6464 Savoy Drive, Suite 110

    Houston, TX 77036

    We’ll be more than happy to assist you.


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