James T. Ellison, CDT: Advancements in Implant Overdentures- How to Solve Problems

James T. Ellison, CDT


Jim has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and an Associate’s Degree in Chemical Technology.  He earned the title of Certified Dental Technician forty-three years ago and has experience in all phases of dental technology.  He has spent the past thirty-two years with Sterngold as the head of the technical and educational departments.  Jim has authored numerous articles on attachments, implants, milling, and the proper use of dental alloys.  He is the author of the Sterngold Procedure Manual and is a contributing author to Dr. Hamid Shafie’s book, Clinical &Laboratory Manual of Implant Overdentures.  He has designed several attachments, including the ERA, and holds two patents on the ERA Implant. Jim has presented to both dental laboratory and dentist groups throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Central and South America.  He has taught the popular attachment, implant, and milling courses at Sterngold as well as advanced waxing courses.

Advancements in Implant Overdentures- How to Solve Problems

Recent studies indicate that the implant supported overdenture is the fastest growing area of dentistry.   New bar systems will be presented which can be used in CAD/CAM milled designs or with traditional cast techniques to solve problem implant placements.  Freestanding abutments screwed into traditional implants have become the most popular way to retain an overdenture.  New abutment systems will be presented which allow for true angle correction of misaligned implants while controlling costs.  


Clinic Objective

Participants will learn:

•           Statistical evidence of the potential growth within the overdenture market

•           Bars vs. Free standing abutments

•           Problem solving


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