Jim Emmons CDT, FNBC to Speak at the 2016 Southwest Conference

Jim EmmonsDigital Shade Communication using a Smart Phone

Saturday 2:00-3:30pm, Room: Martaban – 2 Hours Scientific

-Jim Emmonds, CDT, FNBC 0f Spectrafire Technologies


My presentation  will focus on getting  a 97% acceptable shade  Rx shade communication using  a smart phone / Shading monolithic Yz & lithium disilicate using Bioluminescent shading frits.

Finessing anterior digital design – Hands on demonstration

of digital smart phone shade taking and Rx processing   


To enable the ceramist to provide more life like ceramics consistently.

Learn the difference between reflective shading & Illumination techniques with all of the current ceramic products.

Designing and contouring techniques for anterior aesthetics.



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