Keynote Speaker: Alessandro Cucchiaro, MDT – Engineering a Prototype

Alessandro Cucchiaro, MDT


In the early years of his establishment and practice, Alessandro Cucchiaro was particularly attracted to the branch of implant dentistry and focused mainly on full arch implant rehabilitations.

Stimulated by the passion of 2 oral surgeons with developed protocols and techniques in solution to complicated full arch implant restorations, Alessandro opened a small, high quality, dental laboratory in Italy in 1986 which specialized in implant restorations.

Later in his career, he joined Zirkonzahn, founded by his mentor Mr. Enrico Steger

With the introduction of Zirconia in the dental field, a new world was to be explored. Mr. Cucchiaro dedicated his talent and passion by integrating Zirconia full arch restorations in the implant field.

Thanks to MAD-MAM technology, Alessandro elaborated the first full arch monolithic zirconia restoration on implants opening the doors to a new future.

Future never ends and today Alessandro is involved in acquiring CAD/CAM technology and integrating it into the implant field.

His main focus is on CAD design and all the alternatives related to this new technology and the material.

General Manager of Zirkonzahn USA, Alessandro in involved in all the education programs and master courses, is an author of articles and performs lectures and courses worldwide on the topic: Full arch Monolithic Zirconia rehabilitations on implants and CAD/CAM implant dentistry.

Engineering a Prototype

Friday April 7th, 8:00 am- 10:00am / Val Verde Amphitheater

Working in the dental field is certainly not an easy task especially when dealing with implant dentistry. Planning and teamwork are the key to success and in the team, the dental technician plays the major role of the architect.

Our role is to lay out the correct bases on which to develop the final product and we do this by creating what is known as the PROTOTYPE.

The prototype is the physical device that carries all the technical, mechanical and aesthetic data used as a try-in directly in the patient’s mouth to evaluate the technical, mechanical and aesthetic outcome of the final product. It can be modified to achieve the correct function and aesthetic result. The device can also be worn for a certain period of time.

Class Outline:

During this presentation, Mr. Cucchiaro will address:

  • Digital Dentistry
  • Importance of a prototype
  • Construction of a prototype
    • Verification Jig
    • Master Model
    • Virtual Set-Up
    • Final Device


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