Letter from the President

Hello and Happy New Year!

My Name is Cade Tippett and I am the 2016 DLAT President. I look forward to serving the Dental Lab Industry in all its forms over the next year.

We have had some major changes in the DLAT over the past 2 years with the retirement of Milton Pokladnik as Executive Director in 2014 and the transfer of all the things he did for the association to the Board of Directors. It has been a learning curve for all of us on the board, but with the “Fiery” leadership of Elyese Anderson at the helm getting us through the transition, I am excited about our future! Last year’s conference theme was “En Fuego” as we were “On Fire” for the dental technology, but it also had a second meaning…that of burning down of all the brush and thorns that is in the way of new growth. This years conference theme is “After the Fire, New Growth Begins” We have cleared the way for the new growth to start! So join us this year as we cultivate new changes and growth in this industry!

I will be continuing on this new tradition of having the Board more involved in the day-to-day affairs of the Association. I believe it makes for a healthier association and on more “solid ground”, so to speak.

I will be pulling from the membership those who expressed interest in giving back to the industry. Many of you came up to us at last years convention, liked the changes you saw and wanted to be a part of this new thing we are doing. Get ready to be a part of something big!


I have had a personal theme ever since I first stepped foot on the Board, and that is “Go online, or Go Home!” By now, you all can tell this internet “fad” is not going away. It is integrating into our very business structure, with things like: cloud based dental lab software, online continuing education, emailing of pictures (and even impressions!), Searching laboratory techniques, restorations and appliances on google and even connecting with other Dental Technicians worldwide on social media. Internet has invaded our everyday lives!

Resistance is futile!

DLAT has made great strides in an attempt to adapt to change and grow in this medium and we want to bring you along for the ride.

Technologies we have implemented so far:

  • Revamped interactive website (DLAT.org)
  • Membership Software (My Account)
  • Members only area online portal (Members Area)
  • Online Membership Directory (Members Directory)
  • Google apps for business (official @dlat.org email addresses and an online repository for all DLAT Documents and communication)
  • OneBox (an internet based 800 number: Phone calls, Fax, and even Texting! 800-376-2599)
  • New Email Software (Makes for an easier way to communicate with the members and non members alike (Members: if you haven’t confirmed your email address yet click here)(Non-members get updates too: click here)
  • Quickbooks online (For Non-profits)

If you haven’t already tried to make an online presence, let this be the year to start. You can start with the online Business Directory each DLAT member is a part of.  If you ever need anything we are here to help!  We want to instill a year of growth among the Dental Laboratory Industry in Texas and surrounding states for 2016!


Blessings for your lab in 2016,

105_cade_tippettCade Tippett, BS, CDT, TE

President DLAT


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