DLAT Nominations 3

Nominate keyboard letters

It is election time again!

Nominating Committee is looking for possible nominations from the DLAT membership pool.

We are currently looking for:

  •  Secretary/ Treasurer

If you are interested or know a DLAT member that would be perfect for the position just fill out the information below and the nominating committee will review it and contact you or the Nominee.

We will start holding online elections Before the Annual Spring Meeting and announce election results at the Annual Confernece Awards Luncheon.

Your Current 2020 DLAT Board of Directors*:

President Matthew Douglas, CDT

Vice President Richard Wills, CDT

Secretary/ Treasurer Jason Stubbs, CDT

Director Jeff Alexander, CDT

Director: Laren Blanton, CDT

Associate/ Technician Liaison: Keith Wilson

Associate/ Technician Liaison: Mike Suris

*according to bylaws, all positions are open to nominations


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3 thoughts on “DLAT Nominations


    Nominations for 2021 BOD Any more Names out there? We have until Wednesday the 24,March 2021 at 5pm.

    President Richard Wills,
    Vice President Jason Stubbs
    Secretary LeAnne Sabilla
    2 Members at Large Jeff Alexander
    Donnald (Butch) Littleton
    2 Vendor Rep Keith Willson, Michael Surris, Drew (Vita), Sean Nowack