Table Clinics

Vendor Day – Table Clinics

This year Vendor Day will be done a little differently. Due to COVID restrictions, we cannot have big crowds in the exhibit hall crowding around table clinics. To compensate for this we want to provide a constant flow in the exhibit hall at all times!.

This year we have staggard the breakout classes on the schedule. There will be 2 general course tracks attendees will take, “Fixed” and “Removable” each starting 30 minutes apart. This will give a 30-minute break at the end of the classes for the attendees to go to the table clinics and watch table clinics. With the next Course path coming into the Exhibit Hall 30 minutes after the first group. And, of Course, all Coffee breaks will be in the exhibit hall!

If your company is sponsoring a speaker this will be a great opportunity for your company to give a hands-on table clinic in the Exhibit Hall directly after the presentation. You can direct your course attendees to your booth after your speaker’s presentation is over!

We will be providing CE credits to the attendees that attend the table clinics you provide, please fill out the table clinic form here: