Michael Wright, CDT: The Digital Transition (Webinar)

Michael Wright, CDT


Michael has been in the orthodontic lab business for 18 years. As a 2nd generation lab owner he recognizes the transition from the traditional plaster submissions to the full digital workflow.  In 2008 he built the Easyrx system to address the needs of laboratories facing this change.  He currently is the owner of ODL ortho lab and often speaks about the challenges labs and practices face when switching to digital.


The Digital Transition

The digital transition overview:

  • The challenges face the modern orthodontic lab
  • What ODL did to address them internally
  • Introduction to 3d printing and 3d software
  • Why and how easyrx is filling the gap
  • More than just a portal
  • Conclusion

Clinic Objective

The objective is to identify key problem areas with for the orthodontic lab when making the transition to a digital workflow and to provide effective solutions needed to navigate the transition. 


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