Needing a room at the conference? Here is the hotel overflow information.

Super 8 Hotel is our hotel for attendees that could not get a room at the Hitlon

The deadline for getting a room at the group rate at the Hilton DFW Lakes hotel was March 12th, 2018.

If you call and they do not have any more rooms at the group rate here is the information for the DLAT group rate at the Super 8 Hotel.

Super 8 Hotel is located near to the Hilton DFW Lakes at:

250 East Highway 114 at Main Street Grapevine, Texas 76051

Amenities include:

  1. 1. Free Breakfast
  2. 2. Free Internet
  3. 3. Free Shuttle to:
    1. -Hilton DFW Lakes (Site of the conference)
    2. -Airport
    3. -Local Restaurants ( There are even 7 restaurants within walking distance)

Reservations at Super 8

Reservations are $99/ night

Call: 817-329-7222 and ask for the DLAT conference group rate.




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