New 2022 Conference Exhibitor: Fricke Dental Mfg

DLAT Exhibitor Committee is pleased to announce that Fricke Dental Mfg is officially an Exhibitor of the 2021 DLAT Southwest Conference & Expo!

The DLAT Southwest Conference & Expo is April 1-2nd, 2022 at the Dallas / Fort Worth Airport Marriott in Irving, Tx

Come visit Sybil Montgomery, Lindsey Fricke and the whole team in Booth 137 in the Exhibit Hall.
Phone: (800) 537-4253

Description of Company’s Products or services:
Custom-blended, high-impact denture base resins in several shades and processing techniques. HI-I® heat-cure with overnight, 30 minute and 20 minute cure times. HI-I® self-cure reline and repair resin to maintain and strengthen the repair sites. HI-I® pour a fracture-resistant pourable resin offering longer pour time, less shrinkage, easy finishing and polishing. 2 layer tooth – Replica® and a 3 layer premium tooth – Eledent®.

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