New 2022 Conference Speaker: Djamil Abiyev

Djamil Abiyev

The DLAT Conference Committee is pleased to announce Djamil Abiyev as the newest speaker to join our conference!

2022 DLAT Southwest Conference & Expo
April 1-2nd, 2022 Dallas/ Fort Worth Airport Mariott, Irving, Tx

Djamil Abiyev will be speaking on: Metal Printing – Offering Laser Sintered Bands In Your Lab

Course Description: Have you heard all the buzz around laser sintered bands? Curious on how they are manufactured, what makes them different and how to get practices on board? This clinic will explore all of those topics and more!

Djamil Abiyev Background:
After finishing dental school in Baku Azerbaijan and before starting to practice at his father’s clinic, Djamil decided to travel to America to attend his sister’s wedding. Interested in continuing his education in the US, he understood the process was long. Djamil switched his career to the lab industry. His entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he decided to open an orthodontic laboratory. What started in a small utility room in his basement 15 years ago is now over 8000 square feet and 50 employees strong. Djamil is a leader in laser sintering and currently houses two metal printers at his facility in Minneapolis. He also teaches first-year residents at the University of Minnesota School of Orthodontics.

Djamil Abiyev is sponsored by: Partners Dental Studio

This Exhibitor was brought to you by our sister association, Orthodontic Resource Group. They are hosting their annual conference alongside ours. Registered attendees from either association may attend classes from either conference.

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