New 2022 Conference Speaker: Phil Pelligra

The DLAT Conference Committee is pleased to announce Phil Pelligra as the newest speaker to join our conference!

2022 DLAT Southwest Conference & Expo
April 1-2nd, 2022 Dallas/ Fort Worth Airport Mariott, Irving, Tx

Phil Pelligra will be speaking on two topics:

Tad Supported Expansion and Laboratory Fabrication

Increasing Laboratory Profitability

Course Description:

Course #1 Co-Presenting With Megan Martin: A Ortho Lab look at TAD supported expansion and it’s application to our industry. A overview of the different types. Fabrication tips and tricks and is it worth offering to your catalog of appliances.,Michael & I will dive into detail on what has worked for our labs and how it can be applied to yours.

Course #2 Co-presnting with Mike Wright: We will break down a profit and loss statement in this clinic and go through simple techniques to increase your profitability.

Phil Pelligra’s Background:
Phil has a BS degree in Biology and a BA degree in Business Management. He started as a wire bending tech at Perfect Finish in 1984 and worked his way up into management. In 1998 he bought the lab and is currently the President. Phil loves the outdoors (saltwater fishing, hunting, hiking) and currently lives at the NJ shore with his wife.

Phil Pelligra is sponsored by: Leone AmericaPerfect &  Finish Ortho Lab, Inc.

This Exhibitor was brought to you by our sister association, Orthodontic Resource Group. They are hosting their annual conference alongside ours. Registered attendees from either association may attend classes from either conference.

More info:

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