New 2022 Conference Speaker: Tim Torbenson

The DLAT Conference Committee is pleased to announce Tim Torbenson as the newest speaker to join our conference!
2022 DLAT Southwest Conference & Expo
April 1-2nd, 2022 Dallas/ Fort Worth Airport Mariott, Irving, Tx

Tim Torbenson will be speaking during our ‘Lunch and Earn’ Course ($40 extra fee) – Friday 1:30pm-2:30pm:

Subject: Dazed & Confused–The FDA and Your Digital Workflow (1Hr RS CE)
Course Description

The presentation “Dazed & Confused” is intended to clear the FDA confusion. When I speak with Lab owners, they are truly Dazed & Confused. There is so much misinformation spread throughout our industry regarding the FDA requirements. Much of it is plain wrong and scary.

In this course, you are going to get the clear information that evo820 got directly from the FDA.

Tim will also be speaking with for ORG Conference& Expo happening alongside our DLAT conference:

Subject: Dazed & Confused–The FDA and Orthodontic Digital Workflow (1Hr RS CE)

Tim Torbenson Bio:
Tim has a diverse experience with the medical device manufacturing, materials, management, and regulatory affairs spanning 45 years. Tim has engaged in the development of 9 medical device systems through design, production, and their regulatory processes. He has experiences with and involved in 9 FDA audits with clients and brings his regulatory experiences from Attachments International, Glidewell Dental Laboratories and most recently Integrated Dental Systems (MegaGen).

Tim Torbenson is sponsored by: evo820, llc

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