Orthodontic Program in Texas!

DLAT has been trying to promote its orthodontic laboratory program to offer Texas Orthodontic CDT’s more courses and clinics in the orthodontic specialty that you will find rare at other dental lab meeting across the country.

As you may know, Priscilla Myers of JBC and Company, has been a part of this growing orthodontic program at the Dental Laboratory Association of Texas for the past five years.

She has lectured, put on hands on clinics and shared her wealth of knowledge at several of our annual meetings. Because of this, and the fact that she owns and operates one of the most popular orthodontic lab supply companies she has come across some frequently asked questions and comments from orthodontic laboratories and technicians. As we finalize the Orthodontic Program for this upcoming meeting in April she would like to try and cover as many concerns that affect you and your orthodontic lab. Look over this list of requests she has received since the last meeting and see if any of them apply to what you would like covered at this years program. We will do our best to try and get them included in the already fast filling ortho program schedule:

  1. Hand’s on for the design work of the acrylic
  2. A group Gathering where we could all share ideas, techniques, to become a part of a group that shares the same fears, ideas, problems and concerns.
  3. Give and get tips on how to be more productive with time management
  4. How to better market your services.
  5. Collection issues.
  6. Fielding concerns about 3D printing, Invisalign, Laser Welding, Computers in the lab, software for tracking cases.

Do any of these apply to you or your lab?

Do you have any other concerns or requests to add to this list?

Have you solved any of the concerns listed above?

Please list them in the comment section below or email them to techhelper@jbcandcompany.com and we will be sure and try to have them included them in the already evolving DLAT Orthodontic Program to make sure that this will be one of the most valuable conferences you will attend this year!

Thank You,

Priscilla Mier and DLAT

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