“Save our School”

Hello Dental Lab Community,
Please read the following email we received from Texas State Technical College, the last civilian Dental Lab program in the state of Texas. Please respond to Mr. Roberts request as you feel led.

Both NADL and DLAT will be drafting letters to TSTC

Subject: “Save Our School”

Due to limited resources, Texas State Technical College is currently evaluating our Program to ensure the need for trained Dental Laboratory Technology students at the state and national level. As you know, the lab school in San Antonio recently closed, making us the only civilian source for Dental Laboratory training in Texas.

If you believe that Texas should have a formal Dental Laboratory School, please email a letter of support to Arthur “Bud” Roberts at the following email address: arthur.roberts@tstc.edu .

If you are a TSTC graduate, an employer, or you intend to hire a Dental Lab Technician in the next few years your input is especially valuable.

Also, if you know of anyone who may want input on the schools potential closure, please forward this email to them. I am sorry for the short notice, but they have asked for my input by Friday afternoon Feb, 12.

Thank You in advance for your continued support. If you need to reach me, my cell number is (281) 731- ****. (*contact members@dlat.org for the number)


Arthur Roberts

Program Director

Arthur “Bud” Roberts C.D.T. M.Ed.
Program Chair Dental Lab Technology
Texas State Technical College
(956) 364-4726

Dental Laboratory Program Website

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  1. Jimmy Pinkerton
    June 2, 2016

    Wow this is terrible Mr. Roberts. This was a great Program! I graduated from it last year and was in the last Associates Class. TSTC had all the equipment we could ever need. Mr. Roberts, Ms. Martinez, Mr. Bauer(now retired) are were great Professors! This Program need to stay open because it’s the only one around.


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