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  1. Lee Anne Sibila
    August 6, 2014

    Just wondering if there are any other members who would be interested in having a discussion/info share/ or even a class on insurance coverage. I have spent the last few months trying to update coverages and get quotes. I am curious to know what experiences other lab owners have had with everything from standard business coverages , workmans comp, personal liability, and business property. What companies have other DLAT members had claims with, and how would they rate the service they received would all be helpful.
    For instance, I met with an insurance provider at the Dallas DLAT meeting in April who had a vendor booth set up. After discussing my needs and getting a quote, I then contacted the insurance provider listed on the NADL member website. After many emails and information I learned what “quote blocking” was. I was not happy to find out that when one independent agent seeks out a quote, the companies that provided that quote “block” anyone else from getting a quote. Very frustrating that I was unable to get a quote from the NADL provider.


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