2022 DLAT Conference Speaker: Adrienne Slevin

Adrienne Slevin

The DLAT Program Committee is pleased to announce ADRIENNE SLEVIN of 3D Systems as a speaker at the 2022 DLAT Southwest Conference & Expo.

The Conference is taking place April 1-2nd, 2022 at the Dallas / Fort Worth Airport Marriott, Irving, Tx.

ADRIENNE SLEVIN will be speaking on: Introduction to 3D Printing in the Laboratory and Dental Clinic

About this Course:

Join Adrienne Slevin in a session about the NextDent 5100 features and how it takes the guesswork out of 3D printing. In this session, you will learn how 3D printing works and why the ND5100 is unique in the dental field for any type or size office and lab. Adrienne will also explain how 3D Systems has continuously improved the hardware, software, and materials over the years to keep the NextDent 5100 a leader in the industry. Adrienne will conclude with a brief educational overview of the new and innovative DMP Flex 200 for laboratories interested in metal printing in-house.

A little more about the speaker:
Adrienne Slevin is 3D Systems’ Dental Applications Engineer. Previously Director of Education and Technology at DAL, Inc. and lead CAD trainer for DT Technologies. She was a technician in a full service laboratory for 16 years and has used CAD/CAM technology for 14 years. A CAD/CAM expert and certified trainer in the leading clinical and laboratory digital equipment and software, she’s consulted over 170 laboratories and 68 dental offices to become successful using digital equipment.

ADRIENNE SLEVIN is sponsored by: Talladium

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