2022 DLAT Conference Speaker: Gene Peterson

Gene Peterson

The DLAT Program Committee is pleased to announce Gene Peterson of Sterngold Dental, LLC as a speaker at the 2022 DLAT Southwest Conference & Expo.

The Conference is taking place April 1-2nd, 2022 at the Dallas / Fort Worth Airport Marriott, Irving, Tx.

Gene Peterson will be speaking on: Keeping up with Digital Dentures: Latest Techniques and Materials

Course Description:

Digital Dentures technology is evolving ever so quickly and understanding the options is crucial for understanding where to be in the digital denture revolution. Get up to speed on the latest software and the and workflows of how to create an accurate complete digital denture design. Materials are improving daily, and you will understand better how to make the best choice for your laboratory. For those who haven’t made the change, bridging the gap between conventional and digital can be straight forward and you will learn how easy it can be.

A little more about the speaker:
Gene is the Director of Technical Development and Learning at Sterngold. He is a CDT and has a BS in Biology. As a master ceramist, removable and implant technician, he owned and operated a full-service dental lab for over 18 years in Arizona and has been a pioneer and developer in digital dental workflows over the last 35 years. Gene has multiple publications and has lectured worldwide on both clinical and technical dental subjects.

Gene Peterson is sponsored by: Sterngold

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