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2022 DLAT Southwest Conference & Expo

Speaker and Clinic Information

We are delighted that you will be speaking at our conference! Please take some time to fill out the form below regarding your clinic/presentation and Biographical information.

Note: if you are not the speaker feel free to copy the URL above and sent to the speaker to fill out his/her own speaker and clinic info.

There are 2 (two) separate forms to fill out:

Speaker Information: Tell us about yourself and who your sponsor is. This will be used in all publications and to present you and your bio before the presentation.

Clinic Information: This information will be about the presentation you are giving. This information will be used in our program publications and for submitting to the NBC for course approval for CE credit.


First: Press the blue "Submit" button on the form.

(Note: You should automatically be forwarded to the clinic form after pressing submit on the speaker form, if not continue by with instructions below) 

Second: Click on the blue "Clinic Information" button to continue with the form.

Thank You

DLAT Program Committee



Please press "Submit" above before you click "clinic information".

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  1. Tim Torbenson
    February 14, 2022

    Dazed & Confused–The FDA and Your Digital Workflow

    The presentation “Dazed & Confused” is intended to clear the FDA confusion. When I speak with Lab owners, they are truly Dazed & Confused. There is so much misinformation spread throughout our industry regarding the FDA requirements. Much of it is plain wrong and scary.

    In this webinar you are going to get the clear information that evo820 got directly from the FDA.


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