Elyese Anderson, CDT – Last Presidential Address

 Elyese Anderson new Serving you, the DLAT, has been an honor. This being my last few weeks as President of the DLAT, I am so excited for the future of our great Association. This past year, we made great strides in transitioning this Association into the future.  Since 2008, I have watched and participated in a great endeavor to educate, strengthen and advocate for the dental lab industry in Texas.
     As the times changed, so did we. The implementation of good business practices, sound budgeting, introduction of software making the Association’s work cutting edge,organized and more transparent for our membership was achieved. Strategic legislative planning, the building of valuable relationships with our manufacturers, committees working together to bring trending ideas and technology to the forefront were part of the plan. We achieved Legislative goals that protected our Dental Laboratories from licensing issues and we built relationships with our peers standing shoulder to shoulder to bring better dentistry to the public.
     En Fuego 2015 was the year we lit the fire and let it burn, restructured the old style organization and prepared for the future of the DLAT.  The new year of 2016 will be “After the Fire- New Growth”.
     Serving as your President for the last three years, I am confident that the DLAT has a great future. We did the hard work and the DLAT shines bright.
     Congratulations to incoming DLAT President Cade Tippett CDT. He has met the challenge and he is ready to serve. My sincere thanks to the DLAT Board of Directors. It took the diversity of this Board to get the job done.  Job well done.
Elyese Anderson, CDT
2015 DLAT President


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  1. Wendy Wagner
    December 16, 2015

    Elyese, I feel you and the Board of Directors have accomplished a lot and have the Association going in the right direction. Thank you for your service and I appreciate all you have done.


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