Jim Collis to Speak at 2016 2016 Southwest Conference

What you do is not cookie cutter.

Friday 2:00-3:30pm, Room: Mandalay - 2 Hr Scientific 
Jim Collis, CDT

Learning new techniques for implant bars, gum naturalization, and reconstruction of lower arch to natural form

We can all agree that no patient is the same. Every treatment plan is specific to each patient. So lets start at the basics and work our way to the most advanced and complete outcomes. In this two-hour discussion we will see how the different appliances like simple flippers, to implant-retained full dentitions fabricated with new materials like Trinia a fiber filled resin can for fill your patients aesthetic and functional needs. Also see how the utilization of strategic planning and protocol will stream line your workflow and produce a predictable out come. Lets put all of the stars in alignment.

Jim Collis, CDT has owned and operated Collis Prosthodontlc Laboratory since 1980. The lab specializes in high quality removable prosthodontlc and laser welding and primarily serves a select clientele of dental offices in the north and west suburbs of Chicago. Jim has also previously served as an instructor in the Junior/Senior laboratory of Northwestern University Dental School for ten years. In that capacity, he presented numerous courses to the dental school students on prosthetics including: advanced esthetics pertaining to removable prosthodontlcs, fixed work, and advanced attachment and implant techniques. He has presented lectures and hands-on clinics at various venues throughout the United States, Canada, and Germany. He is a consultant and lecturer for several companies in the industry. He is an Advisory Board Member and Product Review columnist for Spectrum Dialogue and has published numerous articles on a wide variety of topics. He possesses a degree in Dental Technology from Triton College, and has been a Certified Dental Technician for over thirty years.

Sponsored By: Shofu Dental Corporation

 shofu_1Did you Know?

Jim Collis was named JDT's 2016 Who's Hot and Trending!


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