2019 Nominations

The 2018 Nominating committee has set forth the following candidates for election for the 2019 DLAT Board of Directors.

President: Matthew Douglas, CDT, TE


With more than 30 years of experience in the field Mr. Douglas shows his passion for what he does through his work and the personal relationships that he has gained with the doctors he works with. Matthew graduated from Texas State Technical College in Waco, Texas. There after he went on to work for different reputable companies within the industry before deciding to open his own dental lab in his hometown of Cleveland, TX. Mr. Douglas strives for perfection in his work but also in the customer service of his business.


Vice President: Richard Wills, CDT


Richard Wills grew up in a small farming community north of Abilene, Texas. After graduating from high school in 1884, he went off to college for a couple of years. 
He joined the United States Air Force in October of 1988. After learning the trade at Sheppard AFB, he spent the next 6 years on the beach in Florida and then 3 1/2 more in Anchorage Alaska. He then decided to get out of the military and enjoy civilian life in October of 1998.
He started hid civilian dental lab career in a couple of different labs in Texas, working in Crown and Bridge and Removables. He received his CDT in Complete Dentures in the spring of 2002. 
In The summer of 2007, he opened a denture lab, Duece Dental Service, with a business partner.  By 2011, he had ventured out by himself and Duece Dental LLC was formed. 
His lab has grown to 8 employees and is a full-service lab with Milling and 3D services as well as the conventional techniques.
Richard is a big supporter of the DLAT and wants to be involved as much as possible in the organization. He believes that we should all want to do "Our Part" for the organization that we have representing us in the Dental community. 

Secretary/ Treasurer: Jason Stubbs, CDT

Manager of David Stubbs Dental labs for 17 years, owner of Smile DSDL, Smile DFW, Smile Houston, And Asian Connection. Studied Business, Psychology at UTA. Currently head technician at Wolff Dental Lab.

Director Seat #1: Robert Jones, CDT


htdocs_Robert JonesRobert’s interest in Dentistry was because of his love of Art & Science. He graduated from from ATI in 1988 and became certified in Ceramics 1994, he started Texas Tech Dental till 2007. Robert was first elected to the DLAT Board in 2000 and served until 2008. In 2014 he ran again as Director and have served since.

Since 2010, he owns and operates CHAPIN Jones Dental in Cleburne Tx.  He is licensed in Texas & South Carolina. Robert would like to help this association grow as we set forth with a new structure of our Board of Directors!

Director Seat #2: Felix Silva, CDT

Felix Silva serves as vice president of Concert Dental Labs, Dale Dental’s direct-to-dentist division. Felix is a certified dental technician with more than 25 years in the dental technology industry specializing in crown and bridge restorations. In his career, Felix has developed a wealth of experience in dental technology. He believes there is no secret to success, but that people improve themselves with hard work, preparation and always learning from mistakes.

Felix graduated from Texas State Technical College in 1989 and has earned certifications in eMax/ Empress, Cerec, Captek, Itero, Sleep Apnea Devices, Etkon/Straumann as well as ceramic systems, including Vita, Nortaki and Ceramco. He has an extensive background in staff development and has lectured on behalf of dental manufactures such as Vident, Xrite and Zahn. He is a also a regular speaker at state and local dental associations and conferences. Felix has served as president, member and treasurer of the Dallas Laboratory Association of Texas, member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and local affiliates and president of the Dallas Laboratory Owners Association.

Technician/ Associate Liaison Seat #1: Keith Wilson


htdocs_Graphics_Keith WilsonKeith has served the Members and Non-members of the dental laboratory community for 25 years. He is a former employee of Heraeus Kulzer, Inc. and was also a program speaker for Corevent Dental Implants and IntraTech Dental Products. He is currently a technical/sales representative with The Argen Corporation. He as served as DLAT’s lone Technician/Affiliate Liaison since 2000.

Technician/ Associate Liaison Seat #2: Jon Meeks

John Meeks Renfert USAJohn Meeks is a second generation dental technician and lab owner originally from the Oklahoma City area.  After accepting a position with a dental lab materials manufacturer in 1999 he transferred to the Dallas area.  John currently serves dental technicians as a representative of BEGO in the Great State of Texas.

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