The Art of Orthodontics

Orthodontic Laboratory Quality Procedures

The Art of Orthodontics will be taught over two days through three, 3 hour classes and will provide you with 9.5 hours of Scientific CE! We will cover everything from equipment, tools, processes, techniques, and the old-school European style of appliance fabrication to today's loss of the "art" of orthodontics. Hands-on training and demonstrations with a Laser Star Welder, spot welding, Hydro Flame Soldering, and acrylic techniques.
Training experience available for ALL lab techs! You do NOT have to be from Texas to join us in Dallas!


The Largest Ortho Lab Workshop in the Southwest!

Co- sponsoring vendors participating with equipment, personal, or supplies………

  • Dentuarum—Ortho Assistant 3000 Spot Welder
  • Laser Star—2 representative, bringing a Dental LaserWelder, training videos and demos on the unit ($1000 off the price of the laser welder if you buy it at the conference!!)
  • Arizona HydroGen—Ortho III HydroFlame Soldering system
  • Kavo USA, --Dental Lab Handpiece Units  Donating several units for hands on
  • Dentronix—US made Orthodontic Pliers for attendees to try out
  • Leone/American Tooth Industries—Algimax and molar bands, and the New POP screws
  • Priscilla Mier and JBC and Company

The course will be taught in 3 - 3 Hour parts:

Part I will cover impression taking and pouring followed by prepping of the model. Wire bending will be shown using Normans talent as an artist along with being and orthodontic technician. Demo with Laser Welder.

Part II Will cover the acrylic portion of the "Art of Orthodontics" Using the combine mindset of Norman and Priscilla you will be guided through the step to make the acrylic portion any orthodontic appliance above the grade!

Part III will cover the finishing of the European style of appliance fabrication, which can include not only acrylic finishing and polishing but also many other techniques you can take back to your lab or doctor's office an rediscover your inner Orthodontic Artist!

Norman McMillanNorman McMillan

Norman McMillan had an unusal start to his very talented, multi faceted career. It seemed to be a tragic end to a dream of becoming an artist when Norman McMillan was forced out of art school because he was colorblind. In return, Norman created an art genre, fueled by his orthodontic lab work, which enabled him to work around not being able to see and understand the color spectrum. After being asked to leave art school, Norman joined his family orthodontic lab business. “My mother told me to go for what you know (the dental business), and use it as a vehicle for something you want to do later on in life,” Norman states. While working with three-dimensional dental appliances, Norman envisioned creating art in a similar fashion. He began replicating sailboats out of acrylic and stainless steel, and after ten years of work over thirty sculptures were completed. While creating sailboats still remains a passion of Norman’s, he needed to find a new direction for his art. Through the years, Norman has continues with his orthodontic lab services, photography, scuba diving, his art and sculpturing, and his philanthropy endeavors with Free in the Sea. Free in the Sea is a multi-dimensional program encompassing all aspects of aquatic liberation for people with disabilities and those who care about them.

Norman teaches the orthodontic practical program at the Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine at Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Sponsored by: JBC and Company

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Special thanks go out to our co-sponsors:

JBC and Company  wishes to thank each of our co-sponsors this year for providing time and/or products for use at the 2016 DLAT Conference. We truly can not thank you enough for all you are doing this year! For more information about any of the companies or products featured this year, please contact JBC and Company directly.

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