Congratulations 2017 CDT Milestone Pin Recipients

Congratulations to the Texas CDT Milestones!


DLAT would like to recognize all the Texas CDT who will be achieving their respective 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50-year milestones this year.

You do the Texas Dental Lab Industry proud!

Awards Luncheon, Saturday, April 8th, 12:30-1:30 pm

DLAT will be hosting their Annual Awards Luncheon in honor of these Texas CDT Milestones and presenting Milestone pins to all who are present Saturday, April 8th 12:00-1:30 pm in the International Ballroom At the HiltonDFW Lakes Executive Conference Center. This awards luncheon is in conjunction with the 2017 DLAT Southwest Conference. All registered attendees to the conference will attend the Awards Luncheon for free, if they would like to bring a Guest/Spouse there are Luncheon tickets available for $45. If you would like to come just to the Awards Luncheon and not the Convention all you have to do is purchase a "Guest Ticket - Saturday Awards Luncheon" for yourself. You can Register for the conference and/or purchase luncheon tickets on the Registration Page

One Hour of Professional Development CE will be awarded to all those that attend

2017 CDT Milestones

These CDTs have shown dedication to the industry and the NBC standards for 25+ years.



25 Years

Mr. Guillermo Amenedo CDT
Mr. Daniel Burch CDT
Mrs. Ina Bushon CDT
Mr. James Castro CDT
Ms. Mary Daugherty CDT
Mr. Ron Dickson CDT
Ms. Linda Dossing CDT
Mr. Danny Farni CDT
Mr. Clifford Gray CDT
Mr. Roderick Hauserman CDT
Mr. Changman Ho CDT
Mr. Raslan Itani CDT
Mr. Stephen Johnson CDT
Mr. James King CDT
Mr. Jan Kiszkiel CDT
Mr. Thomas Mackowski CDT
Ms. Elie Makdissi CDT
Mr. Larry Mercadel Sr. CDT
Mr. Scott Moore CDT
Mr. Gary Morgan CDT
Mr. Larry Morgan CDT
Mr. Myke Nguyen CDT
Mr. Roberto Novoa CDT
Mr. Victor Portillo CDT
Ms. Sonia Sanchez CDT
Mr. Curtis Sanders CDT
Mr. Farouk Sidhom CDT
Mr. Charles Smith CDT
Mr. Perry Spindler CDT
Mr. Bernard Thibodeaux CDT
Mr. Kevin Veatch CDT
Mr. Pablo Villarreal CDT
Mr. David Wiley CDT
Mr. Ernest Wiley CDT
Mr. Charles Wood CDT

50 Years

Mr. Stanley Beall CDT
Mr. Arthur Boss CDT
Mr. Johnny Fisher CDT
Mr. Howard Ray CDT
Mr. George White CDT

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30 Years

Mr. Thomas Anthony CDT, TE
Ms. Catherine Coignard CDT
Ms. Kimberly Guymon CDT, TE
Mr. Joe Heihn CDT, TE
Mr. Terry Heslop CDT
Mr. Albert Jacques CDT
Mr. Douglas Kappel CDT
Mr. Mark Marin CDT
Ms. Sandra Mitchell CDT
Ms. Viola Ojeda CDT
Mr. J. Preston Perry CDT
Mr. Jon Simmons CDT

35 Years

Mr. Rickey Burdine CDT
Ms. Linda Gatlin CDT
Mr. Byron Griswold CDT
Mr. Sang-Jin Lee CDT
Mr. Jimmy McMahon CDT
Ms. Betsy Offill CDT
Mr. Jeffrey Singler CDT
Mr. John Thomson CDT
Mr. David Tietz CDT, TE
Mr. Richard Tittle CDT

40 Years

Ms. Irene Dugat CDT
Mr. Gonzalo Factor Jr. CDT
Mr. Glynn Hargrove CDT
Mr. Gerald Henegar CDT
Mr. Larry Johnson CDT, TE
Mr. Malcolm Lorenzen CDT
Mr. Thomas McGinty CDT
Mr. Raymond Musarra CDT
Mr. Jerry Smith CDT
Mr. Philip Watkins CDT

45 Years

Mr. Manuel Angel Jr. Master CDT
Mr. Milton Pokladnik CDT
Mr. Jay Tyler CDT, FNBC

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  1. I am honored for the recognition that you are honoring me with. Thank you so very much, Sincerely Guillermo (William) Amenedo CDT


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