Keynote Speaker: Thomas R. Zaleske – Non-digital production & esthetic tools for conventional & digital removable prosthetic

Thomas Zaleske


Thomas R. Zaleske has been a dental tech. And laboratory owner for 30 years. Offering independent laboratories and corporate manufacturing consulting for the last 15 years.He has been a key opinion leader in the removable prosthetics division @ GC America for 5years.He was recently awarded the 2017 NADL Excellence in Education Award!

Non-digital production & esthetic tools for conventional & digital removable prosthetic

Friday April 7th, 2:00 pm-3:30 pm / Val Verde Amphitheater

Have you decided to forgo participating in digital manufacturing and are looking for a way to shorten processing times without quality compromise? You understand to remain viable you need to produce and offer something different, something more esthetic. Thomas Zaleske explains how three-minute microwave curing can shorten your production-curing times when fabricating conventional, partial denture and implant bar cases, and offer a better product. He also explains a technique for masking metal rests, major connectors and clasps in new and existing chrome partials with tooth- and tissue-colored light-cure composite, as well as a fast, post-process way of coloring denture bases and teeth to enhance the esthetic outcome.


Class Outline:

Presentation applies to conventional, partial dentures and implant bar borne prosthetics. 


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