2019 DLAT Conference Speaker: Victor Castro, CDT

Fixed Removable Solutions: From Analog to Digital

The complexities of fabricating full-mouth prosthetics to be functional but natural-looking can be simplified when the dentist and technician work together to analyze and treat patients.
This lecture will provide you with real-life case examples of cooperative dentistry from initial treatment planning to final delivery of fixed-removable dentures and hybrids. Design and
processing solutions will be presented to help you streamline your workflow, reduce errors, and manage “pink & white” transitions for an esthetic outcome. A systematic review of starting with a fully functional denture, the blueprint of the end result, and the conversion process to develop a zirconium fixed hybrid framework to support micro-layering for tooth reproduction, tissue replication, and anatomy/texture will also be presented.

Victor Castro, CDT
Victor E. Castro was born in New York City and raised in South America. Today he owns Studio-280 in Houston, Texas. His artistic abilities have enabled him to work with the most prominent dental offices in Houston. He has been helping dentists and specialists create functional and cosmetic dental restorations since 1991. His working relationships have given him the ability to specialize in full mouth rehabilitation to single tooth replacement. Victor joined the group “Art and Experience” by Claude Sieber in 2008.

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